Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Buy Local! HandMade-from-Scratch French Food!

Have a Made-to-Order Baguette Sandwich, 
with a Hand Rolled Pastry, 
& a Locally Roasted Cup of Coffee!

When you buy Local it keeps $ in Our economy.
It fosters what makes us Unique as a Community.
It creates Local jobs.
It helps the Environment.
We create our Yummies & stand behind our Food!
It Nurtures our community as we Help local Causes!
It Creates more choice for You as we carry Unique Food items You Love!
You are our Friends & Neighbors, & we have a Vested Interest in knowing how best to Serve you. 
We’re passionate about what We do. 
Nurturing local Business ensures a Strong Community.
It makes us a Destination!

The more Interesting & Diverse we are as a Community, 
the more we Attract tourists, Shoppers & others who Want to Visit Winter Park. 
This Benefits Everyone!
Shop Local! Support the Small Business! 

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