Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Galette des Rois! The King's Cake. This week Only for the Epiphany!

La Fête des Rois! The Celebration of the Epiphany! This Sunday!

  • La Galette des Rois (on Epiphany) - round cake which is cut into pieces & distributed by a child, known as le petit roi or l'enfant soleil, hiding under the table. Whoever finds la fève - the charm hidden inside - is King or Queen & can choose a partner.
We don't have any Children hiding under the tables, but you can still come in & Celebrate with us.
Order your Individual sized Galette des Rois now. 
 Homemade with a Puff Pastry & a Buttery Almond Filling.
Come in & Try One!

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